PB Double Hop Burpees

MB Squat to Throw

PB Z Hops


PB Rotational Squats

PB In + Out Abs

MB Slams


Round 1

Gorilla Cleans

Bicycle Crunch Chest Press

Round 2

DB KB Thrusters

Can Openers

Round 3

DB KB Suitcase Swings

DB KB Renegade Rows + X Drag

Round 4

Figure 8 to Reverse Lunge

KB Rainbows

Round 1

Pull Ups

Round 2

One Arm Swings


Front Squats

Push Press

Round 1

Battling Ropes

Round 2

PB Z Hop Squats

Round 3

Squat Thrusts

Round 4


Round 5

TRX Rows

Round 6

Push Ups

Alternating 1.5 Deadlift + Dead Clean

DB KB See-Saw + Push Press

DB KB Gorilla Row + Double Row

DB KB Front Squats

Pullover Sit Ups

DB Suitcase Reverse Lunges

KB Crush Curls

KB Laying Skull Crushers

DB KB Rotational Thrusters

DB KB Renegade Row + X Drag

DB KB Suitacase Swings

KB Chest Support Outside KTE

Squat Thrust + MTN Climber

DB KB Bicycle Crunch Chest Press


Round 1

DB KB 1.5 Deadlifts

DB KB See-Saw Press

Round 2

DB KB Suitcase Reverse Lunges

DB KB Gorilla Rows


Challenge Round!

Round 1

Plank Sandwich

Round 2

Squat Thrusts

Push Ups

RS Swings

Air Squats


Round 1

Leg Circles

Plank Jacks

Crunch Circles

Round 2

Chin Ups

Round 3

DB Swings

DB LC Cleans

DB Half Snatch

DB Press

DB Front Squat

BW Jump Squat/Lunge


Ballistic RS Twists

DB KB Rebounding Press

Descending One Arm Swings

Giant Mtn Climbers