Round 1


Round 2

Squat Thrusts

Push Ups

RS Swings



Success Story: Find Out How Jay Stays In Shape!



Prior to joining Seacoast Kettlebell Jay wasn’t working out consistently.  Initially he loved the group atmosphere and community of the classes at Seacoast Kettlebell.  Now that he has adopted a regular workout routine he is stronger than ever and has lost a few pounds of fat, but more importantly he feels better playing with his kids and family.  Check out Jay’s story!



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30 Minute Kettlebell EMOM Workout!




30:00 Kettlebell EMOM 

Warm up for five to ten minutes.  Then grab a kettlebell and crush this 30:00 EMOM.  EMOM stands for every minute on the minute.  So, at the top of each minute perform eight reps per side, then rest the remaining time.  Alternate exercises each minute and repeat the whole thing five times through for 30:00 total!

✅One Arm Swing x 8/8
✅Snatch x 8/8
✅Push Press x 8/8
✅Kickstand Deadlifts x 8/8
✅Front Squat x 8/8
✅One Arm Row x 8/8



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Round 1


Round 2

DB KB Swings

DB KB Snatches

DB KB Press

DB KB Front Squats


DB KB Deadstop Row

DB KB Hands on KB Push Up

Round 1


Round 2


Goblet Squats

Push Press


Round 1

Barbell Bench Press

Round 2

Assault Bike

Round 3

DB KB Front Squat

Round 4

TRX Tricep Ext

Band Curls

Round 5

Chin Ups

One Arm Swings


Front Squats

Figure 8 to a Hold

One Arm Rows

Triple Crush

Tick Tocks

Pullover Sit Ups

Round 1

Pull Ups

Round 2

Barbell Back Squats

Round 3


Success Story: Find Out How Elise Gained Strength and Lost Inches!



Prior to joining Seacoast Kettlebell Elise played soccer and worked out on campus, but didn’t really do any consistent strength training.  Since joining she is lifting heavy and crushing deadlifts and pull ups.  Elise looks great and is down 30 pounds.  Check out her story!



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Round 1


MB Squat to throw

Assault Bike

SB Clean

Hindu Push Ups

TRX Split Jumps

Evil Wheel

Ball Slams