Round 1

Battling Ropes

Round 2

MB Squat to Throw

Round 3


Round 4

TRX Split Jumps

Round 5


Round 6

Assault Bike

Round 1

Gorilla Cleans

Bicycle Crunch Chest Press

Round 2

DB KB Rotational Thrusters

Can Openers

Round 3

DB KB Suitcase Swings

DB KB Renegade Row + X Drag

Round 4

Figure 8 to a Reverse Lunge

KB Rainbows

Round 1

Pull Ups

Round 2

Turkish Get Ups

Round 3

DB Dead Cleans

Push Ups



Dover Ultimate Beginner’s Boxing Seminar January 7th!




Our Ultimate Beginner’s Boxing Seminar is perfect way to learn the fundamentals before jumping into a class!  We will teach you to move like a boxer, punch like a pro and basic defense!


Who: Anyone Interested in Boxing, But Doesn’t Know Where to Start….

What: Ultimate Beginner’s Boxing Seminar

When: Saturday January 7, 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00AM

Where: Seacoast Kettlebell Dover, 25 Horne St. Dover NH

Why: So you can hit SH*T and Get Fit!

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • How to Wrap Your Hands
  • Movement
  • The Jab
  • The Right Hand
  • The Hook
  • Basic Defense
  • How to Use the Heavy Bag


$49 No wraps or boxing gloves included

$89 Includes gloves and 180 inch wraps

Email Coach Sara at to sign up!




Round 1

One Arm Swings

Hip Drop Plank

Round 2

Push Press

Supine Plank

Round 3

1.5 Deadlifts

X Body MTN Climbers

Round 4

Goblet Split Squat

Side Plank

Round 5

1 Arm Rows

Side Plank

Round 6


Plank Walk Out


9AM Class Only!!

Round 1

Ab Gauntlet

Round 2

Squat Thrust

Push Up

RS Swing

Air Squats

TRX Jump Squat + Split Jumps


Ski Erg Sprints

Ballistic RS Twists

Dumbbell Rebounding Push Press

KB H2H Swings

Giant MTN Climbers

Assault Bike Sprint

Round 1

Dumbbell 1 1/4 Chest Press

Round 2

Barbell 1 1/4 Back Squats

Round 3

DB 1 1/4 RDLs

Round 4

TRX Bicep Curls

Heavy Farmers Walk

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Dead Cleans + Rack Hold

Push Press + Overhead Hold

Front Squat + Squat Hold

One Arm Row + Row Hold

Push Up + Plank Hold