February 29th, 2024


Med Ball Squat & Throw


Med Ball Rainbow Slams


Med Ball Squat Clean


Med Ball Sit Up and Reach


Dover Sparring March 2nd @ 9:30am!

Email Colin at skbintro@gmail.com if you’re interested!

Link for more information!


February 28th, 2024



Round 1

Pull Ups

Round 2

Turkish Get Ups

Round 3


Push Press

Goblet Squats

Russian Swings


Did you know Portsmouth offers boxing at 5:30pm every Thursday?

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February 27th, 2024


Round 1

Barbell Back Squats

Round 2

TRX Row Ladders

Round 3

DB KB Kick Stand Deadlifts

Round 4

Dumbbell One Up Chest Press

Round 5

KB Crush Curl

KB Tricep Ext

Join us for Dover Boxing Thursday Night at 5:30!

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February 26th, 2024

Core Interval


Round 1

Gorilla Cleans

Bicycle Crunch Chest Press

Round 2

DB KB Rotational Thrusters

Can Openers

Round 3

DB KB Suitcase Swings

Push Up + Plank Drag

Round 4

DB KB Suitcase Reverse Lunges

KB Rainbows

March 24th starts our kick off to our Kettlebell Sport Competition!

If you’re interested in joining reach out to skbportsmouth@gmail.com in Portsmouth or skbintro@gmail.com in Dover!


February 24th & 25th, 2024

One Arm Swing + Snatch

Press + Push Press

Pullover Sit Up + RS Twist

Dead Clean + Reverse Lunge

Tick Tock + Leg Raise

LC Clean + Thrusters

Can Opener + Toe Touch Crunch

One Arm Rows + 1.5 Deadlifts

Squat Thrusts + Push Ups


Crushed the snatches on the weekend workout?   Join our Kettlebell Sport Team and lift with us!



Join the SKB Kettlebell Sport Team!! – Seacoast Kettlebell

February 23rd, 2024



Round 1 

Dumbbell Floor

Supine Partner MB Chest Press

Round 2

Barbell RDLs

Box Jumps

Round 3 

Chin Ups

MB Slams

Round 4 

DB KB Front Squats

BW Jump Squats

Challenge: Shin Grabs

Did you know we’re offering assisted stretching February  27th and March 5th at the Dover Location?!

Sign Up on MindBody or email skbintro@gmail.com

February 22nd, 2024


Round 1 


MB Squat to Throw

Shin Grabs

Round 2

Assault Bike

American Swings

MB Slams


Join us on March 16th for the Maltz Challenge!

This event is FREE and open to the public!  T-shirts are available for $25 and all proceeds will be donated to help wounded Veterans.  Sign up for a t-shirt at the front desk.

Maltz Challenge March 16th! – Seacoast Kettlebell

February 21st, 2024



Round 1 

LC Clean + Press

Round 2

DB KB Reverse Lunges

Round 3

DB KB Renegade Rows

Round 4 

2H Dead Clean

2H Press

Goblet Squat

2H Row

RS Swing


Did you know we’ve added another night of Boxing in Dover starting next week?

Join us on Thursdays at 5:30PM for Boxing!  Sign up on Mindbody Online!

Introducing Technical Sparring

Been coming to boxing for months and ready to take your skills to the next level?  Want to see if you can slip, roll or block real punches?

Join us for our Technical Sparring class on Saturday March 2nd at 9:30AM in SKB Dover! You will learn to defend against actual punches and throw punches at your opponent in this technical sparring class.  You and your teammates will be working together to hone your offensive and defensive skills.  You will have a blast and become a better boxer.

You must have the instructor’s permission to join this class.  Email Colin at skbintro@gmail.com to participate.  Space is limited to 12 participants.

Note: Mouthguard and headgear are required.  You can purchase them here:

Headgear!   Ringside Apex Training Headgear

Mouthguards: Ringside Primo Mouthguard

February 20th, 2024

Round 1 

Med Ball Abs

Round 2

Squat Thrusts

Push Ups

RS Swings