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Since 2008 we’ve been committed to providing an outstanding workout at a fair price.  Our goal has, and will be, to keep high quality group workouts affordable for everyone.  Unfortunately, since COVID, the costs of doing business have continued to increase.  Every single operating expense from rent, heat, to disinfecting wipes are significantly more than they used to be.

We will always provide a favorable rate to members who have supported us over the years; however, effective January 1, 2024, we will be raising rates for members NOT paying our current prices of $119 for 8 visits or $129 for unlimited visits per month.  So, anyone not paying 119 or 129 will have a slight increase.  If you have paid in full, it will not affect you.  This jump will be a flat 20% increase equating to approximately $19 or less dollars extra per month.  Our new rate will still be a steal compared to our competitors and will ensure that SKB stays viable moving forward and providing you awesome coaches and killer workouts.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in SKB!



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Colin McGarty

Built By the Bell Workshop January 27th!


Unleash Your Strength, Conquer the Challenge!

Join Coach Maverick of Maverick’s Field House for an electrifying Kettlebell Workshop on January 27th to Ignite your fire, sculpt your powerhouse, and master your mind!  This one-day course is perfect for coaches and kettlebell enthusiasts who are serious about their training.



Why Attend?

1. Unleash Your Power:

Ignite your inner strength, learn to dominate your workouts, and sculpt a commanding physique.

2. Master Your Mind:

Develop mental toughness, focus, and resilience to overcome any obstacle.

3. Embrace the Field House Mindset:

Learn from Coach Maverick and develop his unique methods to building mental toughness to become a better kettlebell lifter and facilitator of knowledge.


Workshop Highlights

1. Master the Built by the Bell Fundamentals:

Crush out Field House Basics and build a rock-solid foundation with essential kettlebell techniques.

2. Level Up Your Training:

Elevate your game by pushing your limits with advanced training methods that take you to new heights.

3. Forge Unstoppable Strength:

Build functional power, stamina, and unwavering resilience to unlock your full potential.

Cost: $399

Date & Location:

January 27, 2024
Seacoast Kettlebell
25 Horne St
Dover, New Hampshire
10:00AM to 6:00PM
Limited Spots! Secure Yours Now!

Round 1

MB Abs

Round 2

Crazy 8s!

Round 1

Dumbbell Chest Press

Round 2

Barbell Back Squat

Round 3


Round 4

TRX Rows

Round 5

Barbell 21s

H2H Swings

DB KB Bicycle Crunch Chest Press

KB Reverse Crunches

DB KB Rotational Thrusters

DB KB Renegade Row + XDrag

Can Openers

Figure 8 to a Reverse Lunge

KB Rainbows

Round 1

Pull Ups

Round 2

Turkish Get Ups

Round 3

1 Arm Swings


Push Press

Front squat

Round 1


Dumbbell Thrusters

Shin Grabs

Round 2

Assault Bike


Ball Slams

Round 1

Barbell Bench Press

Round 2

Barbell Deadlifts

Round 3

DB Renegade Rows

Round 4

DB KB Reverse Lunges

Round 5

TRX Tricep Ext

Banded Curls

One Arm Swings


Push Press

Front Squats

Figure 8 to a Hold

One Arm Rows

Triple Crush

Tick Tocks

Pullover Sit Ups

Round 1

DB KB 1/2 Snatches

Round 2

DB Reverse Lunges

Round 3

One Arm Swings

Goblet Squats

Push Press

One Arm Rows