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We Are Looking For a Few Good Lifters!

We Are Looking For a Bad Ass Lifters!   Join the Seacoast Kettlebell Sport Team! You will practice for ten weeks and then lift with us on April 18th at the Seacoast Kettlebell Classic!  We are looking for veteran kettlebell sport lifters and KB Sport Rookies!  We will show you the way! You will:  Get […]

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The Kettlebell Anaconda

🐍The Kettlebell ANACONDA🐍         The Kettlebell ANACONDA Instructions Warm up for five or ten minutes.  Then grab two medium weight kettlebells.  Perform five rounds non-stop of the following exercises: ✅Long Cycle Clean x 1 ✅Press x 2 ✅Front Squats x 3 Five times without resting or putting kettlebells down.  Rest two or […]

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Holiday Can Drive Charity Workout December 7th!

Holiday Can Drive Charity Workout December 7th!   Dust off your can goods, the good stuff too–not the refried beans, or old Spam—and get to this workout!  Bring your friends, enemies, or anyone who can donate to the Dover Police Department Holiday Food Basket Program! Join us on Saturday December 7th at 8:00AM for a […]

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Bombers and Bathrobes Workout December 24th!

Bombers and Bathrobes Workout December 24th!! Grab Your Bomber Hat and Bathrobe and Crush a Workout with us on December 24th!  Afterwards Enjoy a Complementary Beverage Courtesy of your SKB Friends! Who:  skbNINJAS What:  The Best Bomber and Bathrobe Workout Ever! When: December 24th at 6:00AM, 9:00AM or 11:30AM Where: SKB HQ Why:  You 100% […]

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AWESOME Eleven Anniversary Sale!!

AWESOME Eleven Anniversary Sale!!   11 Year Anniversary Sale!!   We want to thank you for an AWESOME eleven years. Time flies when you are having fun. We have grown from a handful of members in a 1,500 square foot studio to 12,000 sq feet community of workout NINJAS. There have been killer workouts, charity events, lots of […]

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Bad Tire Workout

Bad Tire Workout     Bad Tire Workout Instructions   This is a killer tire workout that can be used as a challenge round at the end of your regular routine or as a stand alone conditioning workout.  If you us it as a standalone workout warm up for 5:00 too 10:00 prior to starting.  […]

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The KettleBear

The KettleBear     The KettleBear is a great kettlebell flow.  Kettlebell flows and complexes allow you to to train conditioning and strength simultaneously and will give you a killer full body workout.  During a flow you perform one repetition of several different exercises and then repeat for the deisred total rounds.  KettleBear Instructions Warm […]