Like all of you, I have been faced daily with making difficult decisions regarding the COVID-19 crisis. As a father, spouse, business owner and community member, I think the time has come for us to TEMPORARILY close Seacoast Kettlebell. This was not an easy decision. I fear for my family and staff members who have been with us since the beginning, gym members who are like a second family, and for the overall well-being of our community.

We do not want to put anyone unknowingly at risk. Therefore we have decided to close TEMPORARILY. We will be reviewing this situation daily and continue to follow the guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We’ll have further updates sent to your email and posted to social media on a weekly basis. We hope to reopen as soon as possible.

Additionally we will do everything in our power to take care of our members’ needs during this time of crisis. Staying in a routine and working out during these time is one of the absolute best things you can do for your physical and mental health. We will lend more equipment, provide additional member’s only kettlebell, bodyweight, boxing, and dumbbell workouts. We will do our best to help you get fit from home.

Finally, for those members who want to continue to support our community during this crisis we would like to THANK YOU. We will see you in a few weeks!


Best in Health,

Colin McGarty
Seacoast Kettlebell

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