January 1, 2024 Rate Increase

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To Our Valued Members,


Since 2008 we’ve been committed to providing an outstanding workout at a fair price.  Our goal has, and will be, to keep high quality group workouts affordable for everyone.  Unfortunately, since COVID, the costs of doing business have continued to increase.  Every single operating expense from rent, heat, to disinfecting wipes are significantly more than they used to be.

We will always provide a favorable rate to members who have supported us over the years; however, effective January 1, 2024, we will be raising rates for members NOT paying our current prices of $119 for 8 visits or $129 for unlimited visits per month.  So, anyone not paying 119 or 129 will have a slight increase.  If you have paid in full, it will not affect you.  This jump will be a flat 20% increase equating to approximately $19 or less dollars extra per month.  Our new rate will still be a steal compared to our competitors and will ensure that SKB stays viable moving forward and providing you awesome coaches and killer workouts.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in SKB!



Best in Health,



Colin McGarty

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