What is Kettlebell Sport?

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What is Kettlebell Sport?

By Colin McGarty



Kettlebell Sport is a power endurance competition that involves lifting sub maximal weights for a given amount of time.  Competitors compete in five minute, ten minute and even longer 30 or 60 minute sets.  Kettlebell Sport is also known as Girevoy Sport(GS) and originated in eastern Europe.  As the popularity of kettlebells has increased globally, competitions have gained traction around the United States.


Kettlebell Sport lifters develop incredible strength, endurance, conditioning, and impeccable technique on their lift.  Not only that but completing these long sets without placing the kettlebell down is a challenge and forges mental toughness and grit.


The standard events are Snatch, Long Cycle Clean and Jerk, Jerk only and Biathlon which is a set of Jerks followed by a set of Snatches.  Long Cycle and Jerk can only be performed with double or single kettlebells.  Males typically perform double kettlebells while woman can choose double or single.  Snatches are performed with a single kettlebell.  Woman can use the 8kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg, or 24kg kettlebells.  Men perform their sets with 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg or 32kg kettlebells.


There are multiple weight classes in each event and for each kettlebell size.  So, competitors compete against other lifters in the same event and same weight class as themselves.  The competitor with the most repetitions in the given amount of time wins the event.  On single kettlebell events one hand switch is allowed.  With the double kettlebell the competitor lifts for the whole event without putting the kettlebells down.






Long Cycle Clean and Jerk





If you are interested in learning kettlebell sport join the Seacoast Kettlebell Team!   Our next competition is on May 18th!





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