Memorial Day Murph Challenge 2019


Join us on Monday May 27th at 8:00AM for our 7th Annual Memorial Day Murph workout!

Join us at 8:00 AM for the Murph Challenge!  We can scale for all ability levels.  You will have fun, support our Veteran’s and military, and get AWESOME!

*Note: Doors close at 10:00AM and this is for members Only!


Seacoast Kettlebell Classic May 11, 2019


We are looking for a few BADASS Kettlebell Lifters!!!

Join us for the Seacoast Kettlebell Classic on May 11th!! There will be a whole lot of fun, sweat, and PR’s!


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Note: Registration Closes May 7,  2019

Events include:

5 Minute Events


Long Cycle


Chair press

Double Options for Women

10 min Events


Long Cycle


Chair press

Double Options for Women



Weight Classes:









100kg +








Note: Weight classes may be condensed based on attendance to ensure competitiveness.  If so, your ranking will still be based on weight classes listed in ranking table (attached below).

For a complete listing of rules and regulations click here.

Weigh In’s will be conducted the morning of the competieiton from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. The competition will start at 9:00AM on Saturday May 11th!


1st, 2nd, 3rd place for all weight division winners!

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Note: Registration Closes May 7,  2019

You have until three days before the event to change your event information.

Kettlebell Athletics One: Kettlebell Training Certification for Fitness & Athletic Development Professionals July 13 in Virginia Beach, VA!


Course Details:

This 8-hour course, on July 13, 2019 at Wareing’s Gym teaches kettlebell training fundamentals and well beyond. It covers the science and benefits behind kettlebell training with foundational movements that can be progressed and regressed for clients and athletes of all levels. Participants also learn how to use the kettlebell to deliver a dynamic full body workout that can be integrated into client and athlete training programs.

You will be able to:

  • Correctly use kettlebell training modalities, in various environments
  • Use the kettlebell to get a dynamic full body workout
  • Safely and effectively instruct others on kettlebell training exercises
  • Clearly articulate the science and benefits behind kettlebell training


Or email Colin at sign up!

COURSE MATERIALS: You will receive a Kettlebell Athletics One Manual (KBA1) the day of the course. It is not required that you review this information prior to the course. Please note: nothing will be sent to you. Your manuals will be handed out the day of your course.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS (CECS): Fitness professionals can earn CECs with the completion of the Kettlebell Athletics One Certification from the following organizations: ACE .8, NASM 1.2 & AFAA 1.2.

Upon completion of a Kettlebell Athletics One Certification for Fitness Professionals, you will receive a physical copy of your Certificate of Completion, for your records and redeemed for CECs.

COURSE LOCATION DETAILS AN PRICING: This course will be held on Saturday July 13, 2019 at Wareing’s Gym at 700 19th St Virginia Beach, VA 23451.  The class will run from 9:00 am to 5:00PM and registration is $297.



More than just another kettlebell certification workshop or seminar, our Kettlebell Training Certification is designed to ensure that you learn, observe, practice and implement safe and effective kettlebell training techniques.

Our 8-hour nationally recognized kettlebell certification course includes personalized instruction, verbal and visual teaching cues as well as partner exercises to maximize safety and promote high quality movement and instruction.


Or email Colin at sign up!

Kettlebell Athletics One kettlebell certification includes an extensive hands-on learning period to guarantee and solidify your ability to understand and implement kettlebell training methodology into a broad scheme of program design.

Exercise science, biomechanics and functional anatomy are address through a comprehensive presentation and an in-depth instructors manual that includes illustrations and descriptions as well as performance tips to maximize the effectiveness and safety of each kettlebell exercise.

You must be able to verbally, visually and physically demonstrate and explain each kettlebell exercise in detail.

You must also express a comprehensive understanding of the associated sciences of exercise science, biomechanics and program design.

Email Sara at sign up!

Join us at 9:00AM on March 17th for the Green Beer for Burpees Challenge. You will crush a killer full body workout that concludes with a Green Beer for Burpees fiesta!

Don’t drink green beer? No problem, we will have plenty of green non-alcohol beverages.

Get AWESOME in class, and then head out into town to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Join us for the skBeast and Brunch February 10th!



Join us on Sunday February 10th, 2019 for this magnificent 90 MINUTE WORKOUT extravaganza . You will sweat, laugh, cry, pee, crush calories and GET AWESOME!

You will get killer core training with Coach Evil Kim, set off the lunk alarm with Coach Luke and some heavy lifting, 30 minutes of intervals with the Cardio Queen of Mean Coach Lisa, finally you will get BENDY with our in house yoga-NINJA Coach Cristy!

If you survive, grab a beverage or snack with a buddy and relax!


Who: SKB Members Only!

When: Sunday February 10th, 2018 at 8:00AM!

Where: The SKB Lair