Vintage Strength Mace and Club Certification November 11th!



Adex Mace and Club Level 1 Double Certification Training Course in association with the American Kettlebell Alliance.


The ONLY dual certification for Mace and Club training in the world. This course and certification is specifically formulated and developed by a highly qualified group of training experts.

Mace and Club training is the fastest growing workout method that is also a competitive sport performed the Vintage Strength Games.

Adex club and mace training is significantly effective and beneficial to shoulder rehab creating both stability and mobility. Adex club and mace training stimulates integrated movement around the entire trunk of the body like no other workout can provide.

An excellent addition for CPT to include as a new modality which benefits not only athletes of all sports but is a tremendous tool in rehabilitating shoulder strength, integrity, stability and mobility with improved ranges of motion.

Hands on instruction, participation, demonstration culminating with a workout and final evaluation will be covered.

When: Saturday November 11th
Where: Seacoast Kettlebell 
25 Horne St. Dover, NH


Rik Brown, “Mr. Maceman”, is a highly experienced, leading Mace instructor worldwide and the US Mace Champion in the Vintage Strength Games competition. Rik brings the most informative educational and practical lessons on mace training and for competition.
Don Giafardino – Adex Club and Mace training system inventor understands the necessity of the highly versatile Adex system and he made it possible to have multiple clubs and a mace all in one set. Adex, the right tool for the right improvement in shoulder conditioning with such versatility to suit everyone’s needs.Valerie Pawlowski – Master of Sport – VSG Certified Club & Mace Coach, Mace & Club. The Mace Lady Gada, top female VSG competitor,, World Champion Record Holder Kettlebell Sport, 3 x Gold Medalist USA Kettlebell Sport Team

Course highlights


Comprehensive instruction for the participant to learn the modalities of Club and Mace, covering the brief history, the types of implements used, all safety points and proper execution of primary movements are covered in this certification.

The USA’s only Mace and Adex Club training is an intensive one day DOUBLE certification designed to:
– Inform, educate and inspire trainers with history of the Mace, as both a weapon and a training tool.
– Thoroughly cover safety and proper use of grip in both two-hand, and one hand moves.
– Address warm ups and stretches to promote stronger tendons and life long training.

*Some, but not all, of the mace moves covered:
The hand-to-hand toss
The Gravedigger
The Barbarian squat
The giant Punch
The Ballistic Curl
The Leverage Press
The Russian Twist


The most important moves, and the most time spent will cover the *10 to 2, and the 360°, these will be taught and stressed for safety, and with a performance standard that will be based on people’s bodyweight.
*The Mace 10 to 2 is the specific move to learn for competing in the AKA Vintage Strength GamesThe 360° move will be taught for both one, and two hand versions.

Club training will blend with the Mace work, and will cover the swipe, the shoulder cast, the bullwhip, and the Mill, both inward and outward versions.

The two arm Gama cast, and the two armed Mill, will be covered as the main strength and power building moves, along with unique seated leverage work with one and two heavy clubs.

Workout design and sport specific routines will be presented.

The trainer’s who attend will be introduced to the Mace and Clubs, and will leave with a thorough knowledge of how to use, and instruct others with these incredible strength-building tools.

Registrants may submit an application to be considered for an affiliate membership. Information will also be covered on how to become officially recognized as a representative through our licensing program and become part of our winning team.

The Club Mace dual certification with Adex AKA Vintage Strength is a highly distinguished certification and the only one of it’s kind.

We are looking for the best to join our team and become a valued provider of club and mace training.


by Monday Sept 25, 2017 $249

by Sunday Oct 15, 2017 $299

by Sunday Oct 29, 2017 $349

by Sunday Nov 5, $399

Late registration day of event or on site $499