The Kettlebell Press

The Kettlebell Press

By Colin McGarty



Exercise Summary

The kettlebell press, or kettlebell military press, is one of the staple kettlebell exercises. In our Dover Gym, everyone presses unless we red flag the exercise during their initial functional movement screen. This exercise can be used to build tremendous upper body pushing strength or in high reps strength endurance.


Exercise Steps

1. Clean the kettlebell. The handle should lay across the lifeline on your palm. Your thumb should be in front of your collar bone and elbow as close to your help as possible. See here for help with your cleans.

2. Squeeze the kettlebell handle hard. Tighten your glutes, and core.

3. Drive the kettlebell straight up. NOT out to the side, then up—remember the most efficient path when fighting against gravity is always in a straight line up and down…

4. Lockout your elbow, unless you have an injury or condition that prevents this. Your bicep should be close to your ear. The kettlebell should be directly over your heels. Keep your core engaged and stay tight on the lockout.


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