Before you build a house you need to lay a solid foundation! This workout is LOW INTENSITY and designed specifically for beginners. You will learn the moves, prevent injuries, strengthen your core, gain confidence, burn fat, and move better!


This is THE BEST fat loss workout available!  The unique structure of our groups allows you to maximize the benefit of your program and take full advantage of our expert training staff.  Each high intensity cardio workout is designed to increase your core strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism.


This is where we go to pick things up and put them down!  You will lift heavy barbells, dumbbells and GET STRONG!  Each session is designed to increase strength and hypertrophy.  Remember lean muscle is metabolically active.  Think of your muscles as an engine.  Smaller, efficient, less active engines don’t burn a lot of fuel.  We will rev your muscle up and turn you into a fat burning machine.

Sport Yoga

Sport Yoga classes are designed to develop strength, mobility, and flexibility using breath-initiated movement!! You will look, move and feel better!!  Each class will incorporate flowing postures to build stamina and long holds to work deeply and mindfully. Almost all athletes have tight hamstrings, over-developed and underdeveloped muscles (imbalances) and limited range of motion. While yoga is certainly a full-body workout, each session aims to address key areas of the body that can become tight through sports activities and other fitness training