Success Story: Wanda Did It!

Success Story: Wanda Did It!


Wanda I


  • Age:  56
  • 15 weeks 2/12/16 to 5/27/16
  • Weight loss total:  -34 pounds
  • Body fat reduced: -16.7% pts
  • Muscle increase:       7.6% pts
  • Total inches lost:   -17.5
  •     Waist  -4.75
  •     Hips    -6.5
  •     Chest  -4.75
  •     Bicep  -1.5

Wanda’s Story

Prior to joining SKB in March 2014, my primary physical activity was walking my 13 yr old boxer, Amos.  When he died, I desperately needed an alternate routine so I started with a 30 Day trial.  Initially, I was skeptical.  It seemed I was older than most, the large group workouts were daunting, and I only seemed to see the folks who were incredibly fit and strong. But, within 3 weeks I realized the SKB community was special and welcoming to anyone interested in getting stronger and that there were members of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels–I signed on for 15 months.  I was impressed by how all the workouts could be modified and that I would be able to fully participate.  It took me a few months to figure out which schedule was best and I settled into weekdays @ 6 a.m. large group, Yoga and/or Foundations on Saturday.  I even began to tolerate the play list.  By September 2015, I was feeling fit and had lost 12 pounds but then I had surgery and gained the weight back.

When I returned to SKB in December 2015, it was so great to see everyone again and I was determined to get back into pre-op condition.  I also decided to retire in February 2016 and realized I needed to get serious about my nutrition and eating habits.  To my good fortune, Accountables was starting on the eve of my retirement.  Providence!

The nutrition education–EXCELLENT.  The food guidelines and eating plan–DELICIOUS and EASY to implement. The best part is that this is not a “diet”.  I have never eaten so much and such tasty real food!  “Diets”, to me, have always meant deprivation and Jenn RD’s plan is anything but deprivation.  I now firmly believe the staff’s mantra that conditioning and fitness is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.  It is exceptional for a gym to have this focus.  People say they workout so that they can eat whatever they want.  Doesn’t work.  Not for me anyway.  I needed to change and have changed what I want to eat:  nutrient dense foods.

Four weeks after Accountables, several of the 6 a.m. folks took the Leaner Faster Stronger Challenge.  What fun we had doing this together and sharing recipes, tips, struggles, challenges, successes and encouraging each other to meet our individual goals.  When I started, I wanted to get back down to my normal and comfortable size 12.  The inches just came off and I am down to size 8.  Have not been anywhere close to this size since 6th grade.   It is truly amazing to me.  I certainly never thought I would be on the success wall.


I have been a lifelong fast walker with no aspirations to run.  With these reductions, I spontaneously started jogging and surprisingly am enjoying it.  I have also been doing some extra cardio and chin-ups after WOD a few days per week.  One day that bell will ring loud and long when I can do chin-ups without any assistance.

Thanks to every member and the entire SKB staff for all the support that has come in a variety of ways— from happily being a workout buddy to explaining a technique, to teaching me how to roast beets, to just saying hello.  And, thanks especially for the constant encouragement and humor that makes the WOD fun–each and every time–well, most every time

Do I recommend SKB?  Absolutely!


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