Snapshot: Upper Back Self Myofascial Release

Snapshot: Upper Back Self Myofascial Release


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Upper Back Self Myofascial Release Description


If you have tight shoulders, using Self Myofascial Release on your upper back with a lacrosse ball, is an excellent way to improve range of motion, mobility and feel a whole lot better.  It is one of Dr Sweisz’ favorites for tight shoulders! Self Myofascial Release is “trainer-geek” for self-massage. It will break up knots, adhesions, reduce soreness, and keep your body performing well. You will immediately see improvements in your overhead, lock out position using Self Myofascial Release.


Upper Back Self Myofascial Release Steps

  1. Start on your your back with a lacrosse ball between your shoulder blade and your spine.
  2. Slowly lift your hips and place more of your body weight on the ball while letting your head relax on the ground.
  3. Move the arm on the same side of the lacrosse ball towards your opposite hip.
  4. Proceed to move your arm back past your head keeping your arm as close to your ear as possible.
  5. Continue moving your arm back and forth from hip to hear at a 5 count pace for two minutes.



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