Snapshot Kettlebell Plank Drag

Snapshot: Kettlebell Plank Drag

Kettlebell Plank Drag Description

The kettlebell plank drag is an excellent intermediate core training exercise!  This kettlebell exercise teaches your body to engage your core, by forcing your abs to contract while moving your upper body!  Prior to doing this movement make sure that you have mastered a standard plank hold.  The kettlebell plank drag works your upper abs, lower abs, transverse abdominus, lower back and obliques.  Planks are also great for helping to prevent lower back injuries and promoting good posture! 


Kettlebell Plank Drag Steps

  1. Start in a high plank or push up positon with a kettlebell just outside your left hand.  Your hands should be under your shoulders and your back flat!
  2. Contract your abs and glute hard as you reach under your body with your right hand.
  3. Pull the kettlebell across your body while minimizing movement in your hips.   Avoid rolling your hips!
  4. Reset.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions or amount of time.



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