Sandbag Exercise Snapshot: Sandbag Get Up

Sandbag Exercise Snapshot: Sandbag Get Up




Sandbag Exercise Summary

The Sandbag Turkish Get Up is an excellent full body movement.  This sandbag exercise will build core strength and stability, as well as coordination and lower body strength.  The movement also improves hip mobility and trains hip extension.  This is an excellent substitution for people who may not be able to perform kettlebell or dumbbell Turkish Get Ups due to restricted shoulder mobility, or injuries.  Perform it slowly and deliberately for best results.

Sandbag Exercise Steps

  1. Safely place a sandbag over one shoulder.  Wrap your arm around the sandbag and lock it into place.  The sand will shift with movement, which challenges your core even more.
  2. Drive hard to your elbow.
  3. Sit Up to your hand
  4. Lift your hips to the sky.
  5. Sweep your knee under your body.
  6. Windmill into position.
  7. Bring your legs into a lunge position.
  8. Lunge to a standing position.
  9. Reverse the movement and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


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