Military Press: Barbell Exercise Snapshot

Military Press: Barbell Exercise Snapshot



Barbell Exercise Summary


The Military Press the single best barbell exercise to build upper body vertical pushing strength. It will develop strong shoulders, triceps and chest to some extent. The military press was originally included in the Olympics until it was removed because participants would lean back turning it into an ugly chest press.


Barbell Exercise Steps


  1. Clean or unrack a barbell.
  2.  Squeeze the bar hard and tighten your upper back, lats, glutes, abs and quads.
  3.  Drive your elbows forward so they are in front of the bar.
  4.  Push the bar straight up.
  5.  As the bar nears your chin, pull your head back slightly so that it doesn’t hit you in the chin. Minimize leaning your torso back to far, or you may feel discomfort in your lumbar spine.
  6.  Lockout your elbows and shrug up into the bar on the top portion.
  7.  Reverse the motion in a controlled fashion and return to start position.


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