What were your workouts like before joining? My workouts consisted of running only for many years.

Your nutrition? I eat a well-balanced diet, but I eat too much.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them? I thought you needed to be a weight-lifter to be able to do kettlebells. I tried the 15 day trial to see if I could do it. Even though I have never lifted before I started with light weights and I am working my way up.

What are your workouts like now? They are fun, exciting and challenging all in a family atmosphere. I love it.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?
I have been here 4 months and recently ran a 5 mile race at my 5K pace. I am much stronger. I also recently ran a 30 mile training run with almost complete recovery the next day. That has never happened to me before.

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell? I absolutely recommend Seacoast Kettlebell. I need the coached aspect of training. I would never push myself this much. I am benefiting greatly by the added strength. I do thank the staff for keeping the workouts challenging and varied, pointing out the correct posture for each activity and having fun at the same time.

Charlie Z.

About one month after joining SKB, my wife and I signed up for Jenn’s Accountables class. Two years previously, we had cut starchy carbs (potatoes, French fries, pasta, & bread) and had lost weight and belly fat — but we really didn’t know what we were doing or how to maintain our weight loss.

Accountables started with a cleanse week which was really tough, eliminating immediately all those “unhealthy” items in our diet. At the end of cleanse week, we looked and felt better. Next, as we added healthy items back into our diet, Jenn taught us about healthier eating, the ratios of protein to fats to carbs, dietary fiber and the glycemic index, and most importantly, how to properly read and understand a food label, and where to find the “good for you” items in the supermarket.

Since completing this class, we now feel that Jenn has given us the tools and means to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cathy & Al Thompson

What were your workouts like before joining?
Before I joined Seacoast Kettlebell I ran quite a bit and thought myself to be in good shape. It all goes back about four years when I looked in the mirror and saw someone I didn’t recognize. I let myself get to the heaviest I’ve ever been. That jump started me into running for the first time and starting to eat healthy. I used Weight Watchers and lost a good amount of weight, about 30lbs. However 3 years went by I was thinking it was ok to eat some of the things I had stopped since I was running; then the running slowed as well and the next thing I knew I was creeping back up 20lbs. I didn’t feel as healthy, I moved slower and when I did run I was running slow paces and in more pain. I needed something to change my lifestyle for good. That is where Seacoast Kettlebell’s 8 week challenge came in. I saw it and read the other testimonials, said what have I got to loose and gave it a shot.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?

The biggest obstacle to overcome was the time commitment. I originally started out at just a couple days a week and soon realized that a very focused one hour class was perfect. I go directly after work now up to five times a week. I eat dinner slightly later but it is all about planning and planning for meals. Jenn really helped in that department, I’ve learned to better plan the week out both exercising and food which each help me deal with the other. Now being healthier and stronger I actually seem to have more energy after the workout to be more productive before bed.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?

While I am not at the lowest weight I was after running for four months, with 8 weeks I’m very close. The reinforcing idea is that weight is just one number and not the one you should be focusing on. Jenn’s measurements of me during the program and even more so how I feel were just the icing on the cake (err the hummus on the carrots). I’ve lost 11 lbs of pure fat, 11.6 lbs total so basically all fat. In terms of inches I’ve lost 8 ½” combined. I’m fitting into clothes that I had bought but didn’t fit into even at my lowest weight before so this goes to show you that weight is just one component. I’m much slimmer and toned than i was before. One more time: I feel fantastic and that is the most important result.

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell?
I would recommend Seacoast Kettlebell in a heartbeat and have done so every time someone compliments me on how good I look. They get an earful of the entire program; of how great the coaches are and how supportive all the members are. I’m pretty certain they didn’t mean to get ten minutes of me talking for just paying me a compliment but I know I couldn’t have done it without Seacoast Kettlebell. It’s a lifestyle change for good not like any of the other diets or programs i’ve done before even though some of them lasted a couple years I know this one will last a lifetime. It’s a much different feeling now than after the others. And I can’t put into words in this testimonial how it feels it is one of those things you will have to find out for yourself and I urge you to do it. If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon or other wonders of the world; it’s like that. You have seen pictures and videos about those places but until you are standing at the edge of the canyon yourself in all its wonder and beauty you finally understand the vastness and importance of what you are experiencing.

Sean H.

Before joining SKB my workouts were limited to a maximum of two or three times a week. Each workout consisted of me walking around the gym for 75% of the time trying to stay motivated and focused. During the time that I actually worked, I was second guessing my technique and watching other people to see what they were doing. I never had real direction or confidence in my workouts. As for my diet, it didn’t really exist. Everyone has a different say in what you should and shouldn’t eat. I tried a lot of different strategies but never anything that I could really stick with.

When I had my first meeting with SKB I was nervous and wasn’t sure how I would like working out with groups of people. I was fairly self-conscious, shy, and unsure of myself. During my first workout the coaches were extremely helpful and understanding of my needs and abilities. It was not until my second class that I realized how much I was going to like SKB. When I walked in on my second day I was amazed to find that all of the SKB staff already knew and remembered my name. I had never felt more accepted and apart of something in such a short period of time. This made overcoming my insecurities extremely easy and fairly rewarding.

Currently I attend SKB 5-6 days a week and participate in large and small group workouts, as well as taking what I have learned and applying it after class by myself in the Pain Cave. Meeting monthly with Jen has been the best thing for my diet and eating habits. She has made eating healthy the easiest part of my new lifestyle. She makes eating clean and staying on track very easy and achievable. The atmosphere and attitude that I experience at the gym everyday makes it hard to leave some days. I can honestly say that going to the gym has become my favorite part of every day. SKB has made me love pushing myself harder and further and the results have made me addicted to fitness and living a healthier lifestyle.

My whole reason for joining SKB was to get in shape to get a job in law enforcement. Since starting a year ago I have by far surpassed those requirement’s and recently been hired by a law enforcement agency in New Hampshire. I have lost multiple inches all over my body and lowered my body fat% while gaining muscle! My results have gone much further than just numbers. Since joining I have become an overall happier and more confident person.

If you have ever wanted to be part of something great, have a family away from home, and transform you life, then joining Seacoast Kettlebell is the step you need to take!

Ken S.

What were your workouts like before joining?
I got home from Iraq in March of 2008 and did not do anything for 8 years…no cardio, no weights, no stairs; if there was an elevator to get me one floor up, I was taking it! I dedicated minimal effort in all areas of health and nutrition. Prior to deploying I boxed at a local club and really loved it; it was a great workout, but I failed to incorporate proper nutrition into my life and remained a heavyweight boxer at 5’9”…not good. Your nutrition? My nutritional skills were the same as my workout skills, non-existent. I worked in Boston and generally had 14 hours days with the commute. I ate out every meal, even stopping at Pizzeria Regina each night in South Station for a slice and a soda to hold me over till I got home at 9:30 PM to eat whatever I picked up at the drive-thru.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?
I was fortunate to have been transferred to Concord, NH and that freed up a lot of time. The biggest obstacle though was fear…fear of failing and not being able to do the workouts or keep up or somehow feel embarrassed about how far I had fallen. I decided to check my pride and put my ego in neutral and just do it.

What are your workouts like now?

I’ve been doing small groups 3-4 times a week and trying to get into foundations on Saturdays. I’ve also done a boxing workout and trying to adjust my schedule to box more often.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?
I’ve lost 24 pounds and 4 ¼ inches from my waist in 10 weeks. I can tell I’m putting on muscle and my clothes either fit way better or are too loose! But, those are the results you can measure; the ones you can’t measure, how I feel, my mental attitude, my self-talk, have improved dramatically. I have more energy, feel better about myself, bounce back from set-backs quicker and it’s paying dividends in so many other areas of my life from work, to family and friends and more.

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell?
Absolutely, every chance I get! From the very first minute I came in for my initial fitness level I knew this was a great place! Each and every one of the trainers have been outstanding, they are engaged in the workout, encouraging and truly want to see you succeed. They also have great personalities and are pretty funny! I like that a lot. I’ve made new friends who encourage and lift you up during the workouts and it reminds me of a motto we had from my Military days in Iraq… “One Team, One Fight”, it’s a supportive environment and a lot of fun. I really can’t say enough great things about SKB!!! I plan on being a part for a long time.

John C.

What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition?
Before joining the gym, I would say the only form of exercise was going for walks I wasn’t very active. However a couple of months before I started the gym I use to go out during the summer and kick the soccer ball around for a couple hours, ran a couple of laps around the field at a nearby park. My nutrition wasn’t the best, I ate big portions of food, mostly ate a lot of carbs, protein, fats and my diet was lacking vegetables.

What obstacle did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?
I I didn’t really have to overcome an obstacle, but there was a point in my life when I realized that I needed a change, and that I needed to take care of my health and get back into shape.

What are your workouts like now?
Since starting the gym, I have noticed dramatic improvement in my workouts. I don’t get as tired as I use to before, I push myself harder every workout session, and I go to the gym 5-6 days every week. I make sure that I am disciplined in my workouts, so that I can continue to see improvements in my health and wellness.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?
Since joining, I have noticed that I am a lot more energetic especially at work. In the short time of a year I have lost 58 pounds and 8 inches around my waist. I have gain upper body strength, before starting I could only do about 10 push-ups, but now I can do 100 push-ups in under 2 minutes.

Would you recommend seacoast kettlebell?
I would definitely recommend seacoast kettle bell, to anyone and the staff are wonderful, and most importantly if you stick with it you will definitely see amazing results.

Shevan A.

What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition?
Before joining SKB I would play racquetball occasionally, some biking and some general fitness activity. This was extremely monotonous and being the same routine over and over again, it allowed me to be “OK” with skipping the gym on a regular basis. As far as nutrition, I have gone through many stages. Either 100% on focus or completely off. Combine this with skipping of exercising, it was no wonder I got where I was! I haven’t taken the time to combine both nutrition and exercising until now.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?

Biggest obstacle for me was trying to find the time and balance between family and working out. Both are extremely important to me. After looking at the variety of times that were available, this was easy to overcome. The 2nd obstacle was – “What is Kettlebell??” Luckily my wife did the homework and wanted to give it a shot. Me being so naïve, agreed to it. Definitely glad I did!!!

What are your workouts like now?
I am currently working out 2 times a week in the small group sessions. My goal is to increase this to three times a week and participate in some additional Foundations classes to better understand all the exercises.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?

I started with SKB on November 30, 2015 with the “21 Day Shred” challenge. As of today I am 7 weeks in and have lost 35lbs and several inches. I definitely see a difference in how I feel (a lot more energy) and the way clothes are fitting. The best part – other people have started commenting as well. It is the beginning of a long journey but I am confident I will make it happen.

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell?
100%! Everyone in the gym, those working out and staff are fantastic! All are willing to encourage and motivate you to push a little harder. The training goes above and beyond to adjust the exercise to fit your ability. This was very important to me. It made the workouts hard, but realistic. Try it once and you will be hooked!

Matt P.

That picture of me was taken last night. That dude, right there…the me now…full of confidence. Maybe even toeing the line into cocky here and there, but well-earned I think. Always upbeat. Always smiling. Always in a good mood (save for a few sleepless nights that bring out the crankiness, but we’re all human, right?)

That’s me 3 months ago, just before I first started at Seacoast Kettlebell. That dude? No confidence. Rocked a fake smile. And I guarantee during this picture, was holding this breath and trying to suck his gut in and hoping the camera angle wouldn’t make him look too big. (Look, I know I wasn’t obese or anything at this point, but sometimes it’s more how you feel and not how you look.) Plus, I clearly needed to iron my shorts.

I’m telling you all this because I just wrapped up a workout at Seacoast Kettlebell — a place that for the last 3 months has pushed me more than I’ve ever been pushed in my life. A place that has MADE me want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not in “drink bro-tein shakes fuh days and lift up big things and put them down and grunt and be a doucheknuckle” lifestyle, but a “get a workout in 4-5 times a week and don’t eat like a jackhole ALL the time” lifestyle.

A place that has taglines like “Discover your potential” and “Get your ass kicked” that you think are just their cool taglines to stand out, but they’re actually true statements. If you told me 3 months ago that I’d be doing what I can do now at Kettlebell, lifting the amount of weight I am, and just keeping up with people that have been going there for YEARS, I’d call you an idiotic assclown. But I’m not, because it’s true. I’ve discovered SOME of my potential on how much I can actually do. And I say some because I know I can discover a ton more. And my ass DEFINITELY gets kicked…and I’m addicted to it (even if I absolutely hate it while it’s happening.)

Like I said, I just finished up a workout. And it was followed up by meeting with their nutritionist, JennyRD. And I’ve never felt more G*d damn proud of myself in my life!

In 3 months, I’m down 15 pounds. Bigger story, I’m down 21 FREAKIN POUNDS OF FAT. And over 10 inches overall. People NOTICE the changes in me. I can SEE the changes in me when I look in the mirror. More importantly? I can FEEL the changes inside. Seacoast Kettlebell hasn’t just melted away the pounds, but it’s melted my self-doubt, whatever shame I’ve had — I’m a totally different person. And the best part? It’s only going to get better…this is just the start for me.


What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition?
Prior to joining SKB I was a member at Planet Fitness. I worked out with weights 2-3 times a week, with a couple half hour cardio sessions when I had time. I was very bored with my workout routine, and even though I tried to change it up, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted or having any fun. Which made it easy to skip workouts. Overall, I knew what I should be eating but it was easy to fall off the wagon and eat/drink the wrong things when my workouts weren’t showing the results. Since joining SKB I am much more focused on what I eat, but still allow some cheats to stay sane.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?

Mainly a time and work schedule issue. Once I figured out a plan (6am workouts!) I was ready to go. I was also concerned about not knowing what the heck to do with a kettlebell! Rest assured the coaches and staff make sure you’re performing each exercise correctly and getting the most out of each movement. I would recommend going to as many small group or the foundations classes if you are a novice in order to fully understand how to perform each exercise.

What are your workouts like now?

3-4 times a week large group, and a couple small groups per month. Also running on off days.

What specific results have you gotten since joining?
I have lost 25lbs since joining SKB. My body fat % has dropped significantly and I have way more energy. That helps in keeping up with 6 and 7yr old kids!

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell?
Absolutely. Anyone can workout here. I have seen all fitness and ability levels get stronger, healthier and more confident. You don’t see that at other gyms. The coaches and staff are great. They are always there pushing and motivating you to the next level of fitness. I look forward to the workouts each day, along with the other people in the classes motivating each other.

Joe F.

Before taking the big step to go for my evaluation at SKB, my work outs were very inconstant to the say the best. I did not have the motivation to go to the gym as often as I truly needed to and when I did I would use the elliptical machine and the cable machines and leave after an hour with little effect. Working out was not fun, it was a struggle that I avoided. My diet was pretty much whatever I was craving or in the mood for. I used my job in EMS as an excuse to eat poorly, blaming it on my long shifts and over nights. I had used weight watchers twice, both times I cut back on eating and dropped weight fast but it never lasted. This is truly a lifestyle change and has become something I look forward to. I used to find excuses to skip the gym. Now I go out of my way to arrange my schedule so I can make it to the gym.

For me the biggest struggle to overcome was myself. I knew it would be hard work and I was nervous as to how a really obese person would be received into a cross fit gym that was full of health fanatics. I was welcomed with open arms at no point did I feel I was being looked down upon. Everyone was supportive and still is! Getting over my insecurities was the hardest part and the team at SKB did that right away.

Now I get to the gym 3-4 days a week, I do one small group and the rest are large group. I love the strength training in the small group work outs and the 1 on 1 you get. The large group is intense and lets those of us who don’t like cardio get a good cardio work out without having to do straight running (almost like fooling myself). No matter if you are doing large or small group, you are getting a good mix of cardio and strength training in!

Since starting at SKB, there have been some obvious changes I have noticed. I felt the difference in energy right away! My mood is different, I am more positive and I have much more confidence. I noticed fat falling off and lean muscle forming. Running is much easier for me now than it was, I have slowly built up to the point of being able to run without feeling as though I am going to die. My core is stronger. my arms and legs are getting thinner but much stronger.

I recommend SKB to everyone I talk to! The environment here is amazing no one is negative or rude to each other. The workouts are tough but they are fun. There are people here who are at every level of fitness and they are all positive and supportive of each other. The coach’s know each member, you are not just a number to them they know you, they know your strength, and your weakness’s. They will push you to better yourself but not tear you down. They work with you when you are new to ensure proper form safety is important to them and proper form is a must. I think anyone who is considering joining should do so without a second thought. You will not regret it!

– Sean R.

What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition? My workouts prior to Kettlebell were 2 – 3 days a week of some small core work, free weights and then walking on the treadmill for 2 miles. This would take me and hour and half to complete. My nutrition changed about 3 months ago but it is a lot more focused since joining Seacoast Kettlebell. I would often slip and eat well then eat like crap. Since joining SKB, it has been a lot more focused on my intake. ( Still have cheats. Shhh.. don’t tell Jen)

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them? Time was the obstacle but it was more of an obstacle in my mind. You just have to make the time! Also my wife started a few weeks before me and I saw the changes it made in her daily life. I liked what I saw.

What are your workouts like now? 5 – 6 days a week – small groups, some large groups, boxing and foundations. A good mix.

What specific results have you gotten since joining? I noticed the fat change in my body as well as the change of 2 full pant sizes. I’m just feeling great!

Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell? I would recommend SKB to anyone and everyone. The staff is outstanding and very easy to talk to. They are always willing to adapt a workout to each person. I hated going to the gym before and now I am often early to the SKB.

*In 8 weeks, down 2 full pant sizes!!!

– Travis R.

I have been a member at a lot of different gym’s, but none of them gave me the workout I was looking for or the weight loss I wanted. I have been struggling with my weight loss for a long time. Then I heard about Seacoast kettlebell . Did a little research on the gym and decided to do the 1 month trial. From that point on I was hooked! I never left any of my gym’s feeling the way I feel when I leave Seacoast Kettlebell.

In April of 2014 I had to have emergency surgery on my gallbladder, lets just say things didn’t go as planned and it laid me up for about 6 to 8 weeks. When my doctor said it was ok, I started back at Seacoast but got into the smaller groups so I could slowly get my strength back and work my way up to larger classes. Seacoast kettlebell really changed my life.

To date, I have lost just under 80 lb’s went from a 46 waist to a 34/36 waist and am in the best shape of my life since my late 20’s and early 30’s. I have more energy then I know what to do with it and I owe it all to Seacoast Kettlebell.

Thank You Staff and Trainers!!

– Thomas J.

The Couple That Sweats Together, Stays Together!

Before Seacoast Kettlebell Steve went to Planet Fitness Monday-Friday at 5:00am and lifted weight. I ran pretty regularly. I signed up to do a Spartan race and wasn’t sure how to prepare for that besides running. My cousin, Scott P, told me about Seacoast Kettebell and said it would be great to get you ready for a Spartan race. I signed up in March 2012 and loved it right away. I kept telling Steve about it because he was getting kind of bored at the gym. He started a month later and like me, loved it right away. We ate just OK, trying to eat healthy but nothing consistent.

We were very excited to do the Leaner, Faster, Stronger challenge in April. It was very easy to follow but it was also challenging. Sometimes you just wanted to eat what you wanted to eat. Knowing it was a challenge we wanted to do the best we could do. Having another couple, Mark and Ann B, to feed off of encourage each other and get food ideas from and share how we were doing helped. Jenny RD was wonderful knowing we couple pop in or email with any questions or concerns and she would be there with helpful advice and encouragement.

Steve lost 42 LBS ad 16 inches and I lost 18 LBS an 11 inches.

We feel great! We have decided to cut out diary from our diet and complex carbs. That being said, the weekends we have cheat meals. We will have pizza with cheese, sandwiches with bread, etc. Monday through Friday we are strict with out food intake. Steve’s favorite exercises are the ab wheel, bench press, shoulder press and snatches. Steve hates thrusters and pistol squats.

My favorite exercises are snatches and squats. My least favorite are planks.

Our favorite cheat meal is Pizza from Station.

We LOVE Seacoast Kettlebell!! We have met some wonderful people who have become great friends. This gym is like a family. There are great trainers who truly care about you, who encourage you, push you and praise you.

Thank you Colin and SKB Staff for all you do!

– Steve & Corinne V., Dover

How did you feel before the Leaner, Faster, Stronger Challenge? I thought I felt fine, sluggish at times. I did nap more often.
How are you feeling now? Better now! I have more energy and I rarely nap now. I feel more fit in general now.
What was the biggest challenge you faced? Healthy snacks. Protein with each fruit was tough.
How was your nutrition before the challenge? I use to eat a lot more carbs. Pasta and bread four times a week.
What is it like now? More protein and only have carbs a couple times a week. I do have a cheat meal once a week and eat whatever I want.
What were your workouts like before Seacoast Kettlebell? I have been working out since high school and thought I was working my whole body!! Then I came to Seacoast Kettlebell. I had sore muscle in places I didn’t even realize I had muscles. It is what I call functional fit, not just for show.
What were they like during the challenge? Honestly, they were tough during cleanse weeks. I was fine during balanced eating weeks.
What did you improve most on? My run time improved most.
How many inches did you lose? Just shy of ten inches.
How much weight did you lose? 20 lbs!!
What is favorite exercise move? EVIL wheel.
Least Favorite? Russian twists, I hate those!!

– Mark Berry, Rochester

My journey into being healthy started long before I actually got the motivation to do so. I have always been on the heavier side since about the 6th grade. I gained 110lbs from 2010 to 2012 between getting married and getting divorced. At the start of 2012, I was 310lbs, pre-diabetic, pre-hypertension, high cholesterol, and I was a potential Sleep Apnea case. After a short visit to Boston from NC, and seeing the pictures of me on that trip, I knew something had to be done.

I started out just changing my diet and watching what I ate. This helped me to lose about 60 lbs. It wasn’t until moving to NH in October of 2012, and joining SIX03 in April of 2013, that I was introduced to Seacoast Kettlebell.

Since joining SKB in June of 2013, I have lost another 80lbs. Bringing me from 310 to 170. I went from a 46” waist and 50R Suit Coat to a 30” waist and a 38R Suit Coat. I am in the best shape I have ever been, and plan on continuing to strive for my best at SKB.

I owe everyone on the staff at SKB for their help, advice, and coaching. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with SKB, as they have made me better, faster, and stronger than I could have imagined. SKB Truly helped me to Discover My Potential and that discovery is always a daily process.

Thanks SKB!!!

– Scott A., Dover

Since joining Seacoast Kettlebell I have lost 30 pounds of weight. The first 10 from working out and other 20 I lost from using the accountables program (where I learned about good eating habits) and hitting the workouts really hard. Now that I have leaned up and become stronger, I am a much happier and more confident person then I was when I joined. Since reaching my weight loss goals I have maintained my weight and my workouts. I also found that I am passionate about running thanks to many members of Seacoast Kettlebell that are part of the running community. In the space of a year I have successfully run several 5ks, 4 milers, 5 milers, 10ks, 1 tough mudder, and my first half marathon. I am currently training for my first full marathon thanks to the strong base that SKB has given me. The coaches support me, and go out of their way to lend me the support that I need in the gym and outside of it.

Thank you Coaches and SKBers,

– Joel E., Dover, NH

I can’t thank SKB and your Accountables class enough Jenn! I think that anyone who is beginning a workout regime at SKB should also go through your 6-week Accountables class in order to gain education on the relationship between proper nutrition and fitness. Personally for me, I entered SKB skeptical of my ability to commit and stay committed. I’ve spent so much of my life “yo-yoing” up and down in weight, however, this is the first time I’ve seriously integrated both important nutritional changes and exercise into my attempts to get in shape (I guess Wi Fit doesn’t really count). Your wonderful classes and the amazing and challenging workouts have been life changing for me. Clearly the percentages and numbers from my Accountables results have proved this. I’ve met many members, and have thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community and support that meeting these people has provided me. In conclusion, I can’t thank you and all the trainers enough. You are a group of energetic, supportive, and dedicated individuals. While I really love the Kettlebells, I truly believe that it has been the five of you that has made the SKB experience so impacting and beneficial for me. Thank you and the SKB staff for everything that you all have done for me!

– Daniel B., Dover, NH

Dan’s Results in just 6 weeks:

September 15, 2011

Initial Weigh in:
Weight-185 lbs
% Body Fat-31.2%
Waist-41 3/4″
Hips-43 1/4″
Bicep-12 3/4″

April 3, 2012:
Weight-139 lbs.
% Body Fat-17.5%>

I’ve been a member of Seacoast Kettlebell for a year now and hands down, it has been THE BEST gym experience I’ve had.

Here was my situation a year ago – most of my life, up until we had kids, I’d stayed in top shape with a combination of running, biking, climbing. . . etc. However, with 2 young kids under 4, at 39 years old, I found myself very out of shape. I’d tried the P90X and the INSANITY videos (which are great) but I’d never stick with them for more than a couple weeks.

I needed exactly what Seacoast Kettlebell offered:

  1. Intense, varied workouts that were 1 hour long and offered throughout the day at times that worked with my family, kid, work schedule
  2. Accountability – coaches and others at the gym to push me when, if I was working out on my own, I would want to slack off. Everyone is friendly and the culture at SKB is to encourage each other.
  3. Wholistic – the workouts, over the course of a week, address every aspect of fitness, from endurance to cardio to core strength and also flexibility. No home routine was giving me that.

At SKB, I have found that I’m training with SERIOUS athletes and I am always pushed to work hard. Some of these fellow SKB’ers are training for marathons/triathlons plus several UNH teams are trained by SKB – that said, there are always serious athletes at each class that really push me so I can make the most of the hour-long session. Some people will find that training at this level is not for them.

– Wes D., Dover, NH

Since joining SKB 4 months ago I’ve lost over 25 lbs. I’ve lost 7% body fat, 5″ off my waist, 5″ off my hips and added 1″ to my biceps. I come to SKB 3-5 times per week and have to say that I simply can’t wait to get here each day. The workouts are fantastic and challenging. The trainers are great and the clientele who come here are inviting and supportive of one another. This is by far the best gym I’ve ever been to! I’m 41 years old and feel like I’m honestly in the best shape of my life. Thank you for the great work you have done with me in helping me to reach my fitness goals for 2012!

– Rob G., Age 41

A huge thanks to Colin, Lisa, and the rest of the SKB coaches. I completely stopped running Oct 3rd after my last race, ran 0 times in Nov, Dec, Jan, and just a few runs in February. I did however, start kettlebell in mid December. I ran an ultra-hilly 5k in Portland today and despite virtually no training runs, thanks to SKB, I crushed my previous time by over 5 minutes, even setting a new PR by over a minute from my previous best set in 2009. Thanks again, looking forward to continued progress.

– Sean H., Age 31

My success with Seacoast Kettlebell is much the same as the other testimonials: I lost 20 pounds in 6 months, was running faster, and felt better and stronger than ever. An experience this past January, however, was nothing short of amazing.
Shortly after signing up for the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge last spring (running a half marathon and a marathon on back-to-back days) I suffered a knee injury that made it nearly impossible for me to run further than three miles. I had limped out a couple of slow longer runs while still in denial about my injury but eventually reached a point where the pain was unbearable. Physical therapy didn’t help and my eventual knee surgery kept me from running until three weeks before the race, which my surgeon told me not to run. In the three months prior to the race, I logged a grand total of 20-25 miles of running but I was able to continue with slightly modified workouts at Seacoast Kettlebell 2-3 times each week. I went to Florida to support my wife during the race, but the pre-race adrenaline got the best of me and I decided to do the half marathon and see what happened. I expected the worst, but was surprised to find that it was like I had never stopped running. Giddy to be running again, I decided to give the marathon a try and finished it feeling better than I had after either of my previous marathons.
I ran 39.3 miles in two days, nearly double the distance of my entire pre-race training program and only 6 weeks after having knee surgery. Thank you Seacoast Kettlebell for saving my race weekend! I will never look at training the same way again!

– Artie B., Age 31

I am 53 yoa and started at SKB in February 2011. Two friends, Matt B. and Thom H. introduced me to Colin. I found the classes to be very enjoyable and challenging.The other day I had my annual physical at work. The nurse was taking my pulse and asked if I was “DEAD”. My resting heart rate was 48 and my blood pressure was 110/70. I wanted to thank you, Christina, Lisa, Katie and the rest of the motivated SKB Staff.
Thanks again,

– Chip C., Durham, NH

I am 65 years old. I first waddled into SKB Sept 2010. Colin looked at his dad and said this guy is in trouble and needs special handling. At that time I was over weight, big time, and 30 years out of shape. I was lucky to perform one rep out of each set without weights. I thought I was heading to H _ _ L. After 6 classes they increased my weight, yippee, to my empty water bottle. Six months later I visited my cardiologist, he was shocked. My stress test improved by 7 minutes, my blood pressure and pulse improved considerably, I lost 30 pounds and 2 pants sizes with only a small change in my diet. I have spent years with aerobics and weights with no success. SKB is casual and comfortable and a lot of fun. If I can do it you can to. I wish I had pictures.

– Bill D., Age 65

FYI, I just ran a half marathon with no training other then SKB/crossfit. Came in at 1:43:00, much better then I expected! Definitely a credit to your coaching and programming.

– John H., Dover, NH

Over the past year I have seen my blood pressure rise to pre-hypertension levels and sometimes higher. I started seacoast kettlebell about six weeks ago, attending class 2-3 times a week. After 2 weeks of classes and mixing in some running in between class days, I feel less stress and more relaxed. I started sleeping better and feeling good. I went to the doctors recently and had my blood pressure taken. When the nurse gave me the reading(114/79), I asked her if she made a mistake because my reading hasn’t been that low for a while. The classes are extremely challenging, fun, addicting and full of people who motivate and encourage you. I wish I could go everyday.

– Rob L., Dover, NH

In 3 months at Seacoast Kettlebell I have lost over 20 pounds and many inches. I look better, feel better and love the workouts! They remind me of high school sports practice or physical training when I was in the military.

– Beau L., Dover, NH

Joining Seacoast Kettlebell is the best lifestyle change I have made in the last 3 years.

– Jason L., Dover, NH

I used to be a “donor”. I had a gym membership I paid every month and I would usually get into the gym once or twice a week and go through the motions without really seeing any results. I drove by Seacoast Kettlebell and was curious and attended the Elements orientation. I was hooked. The classes are tough, challenging & always fun and different. In two months of working out regularly, my fitness level is better than it’s been in many years and I look forward to each workout. Thanks Colin and Seacoast Kettlebell for kicking my ass into gear.”

– Joe S., Dover, NH

I am a high school track and strength coach. I have tried everything in the gym. Right now I am just looking to burn calories and stay strong, without spending forever in the gym. The kettlebell workouts fit perfectly into my busy schedule. The other night I wore my heart rate monitor and burned almost 700 calories in just under 40 minutes of kettlebell work. It’s fun and effective.

– Greg M., Dover, NH

I am a level 1 RKC instructor from Champlin Minnesota, and recently visited Dover NH. I went to Seacost Kettelbell to check it out and to get in a workout while traveling. I was very impressed with everything about Seacoast and Colin. I have been working (practicing) with kettlebells for over 3 years, and never have done the type of Crossfit/kettlebell circuit that Colin put me through. I believe that Crossfit/Kettlebells will give you total fitness that can be used for sports or everyday life, it develops strength-endurance, power, agility, resiliency, and flexibility. And best of all it is FUN. I wish Colin and Seacoast Kettlebell continued success, and look forward to my next visit.

– Paul G., Champlin, MN

The workouts at Seacoast Kettlebell are some of the most effective and efficient I’ve found. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level.

Dr. Matt Swiesz, DC

I joined Seacoast Kettlebell to prep for a flight paramedic fitness test. After about 8 weeks of class, I breezed though the test, aced the flight physical, and got the job!!!

– Doug M., Dover, NH