Kettlebell Exercise: Tactical Lunge

Kettlebell Exercise: Tactical Lunge


Tactical Lunge Description


The Tactical Lunge is an excellent intermediate kettlebell exercise.  Beginners should skip the tactical lunge in favor of the Goblet Split Squat or Goblet Lunge.  Master the lunge movement pattern before adding this dynamic movement. The Tactical Lunge is powered primarily by your quads, glutes, and hamstrings; however, your core and grip are also used.   This exercise is not ideal for pure strength training.  Program the tactical Lunge into circuits and conditioning workouts for a burn! 


Tactical Lunge Steps

  1. Stand with a kettlebell in your right hand.  Slide your hand to the far side of the kettlebell handle.
  2. Step back into a reverse lunge positon with your right leg.  Your back knee should hover over the ground.
  3. Simultaneously allow the kettlebell to slide under your opposite leg, and grab the handle.  As you transfer the kettlebell to your opposite hand keep your chest up and back flat.
  4. Stand up.
  5. Repeat on the opposite side.  Alternate legs until you have completed the desired number of repetitions.



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