Kettlebell Exercise: Figure 8 to a Hold

SNAPSHOT: Figure 8 to a Hold

by Colin McGarty


Kettlebell Exercise Summary:

The kettlebell Figure 8 to a Hold is a fantastic full body exercise.  It is an explosive hip dominant movement that also involves anti-rotation and a dose of upper body strength when you pull it to your chest.

Exercise Steps:

1. Stand with the kettlebell two feet in front of you.

2.  Grab one corner of the kettlebell and hike it between your legs.

3. Reach around with your opposite hand and grab the other corner of the kettlebell, while maintaining a neutral spine.  Chest up and not too much rotation!

4. Forcefully extend your hips and pull the kettlebell around towards your chest.

NOTE: Do not pull the kettlebell into your face!

5. Catch the kettlebell with your opposite hand and exhale!

6.  For the next rep swing the kettlebell between your legs in a similar fashion to a One Arm Kettlebell Swing and repeat the above steps.


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