Jenny RD’s Nutrition SkillZ Starts January 12th!

Introducing Jenny RD’s Nutrition SkillZ


Diets SUCK.

They work for a little while like magic.  Then not so much. 

Every January EVERYONE starts a new diet and exercise plan.  They go ALL IN.  Hardcore.  Lose weight.  Feel good. Get sexy.

BUT, then they slip up.  They mess up.  They eat “naughty” food and come off the rails hard.  End up binge eating cookies, pizza, boozing hard for seven days straight and all of the weight they lost is back.

Now they emotionally feel defeated, beat themselves up and the cycle begins again.

We know diets work in the short term, but are completely unsustainable. 

 We have found a better way!

Nutrition SkillZ with Jenny RD Starts January 12th!


Like NUNCHUCK SKILLS you either practice or you don’t.  There is no good, bad, failure or judgement. 

You practice to get better.  Just like a sport.

As you get better the weight melts off, your clothes will fit better, you look good naked.  Minus the deprivation, and emotional beat-downs associated with dieting.


You Get:

  • Weekly Group Practice Meetings on Thursdays at 6:00PM
  • Jenny RD’s 12 Habits
  • A Monthly InBody Bodyfat and Measurement session
  • Accountability
  • Group Support
  • Access to Jenny  RD and other SKB Staff
  • AWESOME and SEXY without Crazy Diets…

 STARTS January 12th!

Skip the Diet this Year and get Jenny RD’s Nutrition SKillZ!  It’s a STEAL at $29 a month for members and $49 for non-members!

Space is limited so hit up Sara at to SIGN UP TODAY!