Snapshot: Gorilla Kettlebell Clean

Exercise Snapshot: Gorilla Kettlebell Clean

by Colin McGarty



Gorilla Kettlebell Clean Description

The Gorilla Clean is one of the best advanced double kettlebell exercises for power.  This kettlebell clean is excellent for any sports that require explosive strength, such as football and MMA.  The movement primarily trains your legs and hips; however, your grip, arms and traps are also worked.  Perform the Gorilla Kettlebell Clean in low reps for power production, or try doing some timed sets with lighter weight for a killer cardio workout.  Prior to performing this kettlebell exercise, make sure you have mastered the single kettlebell clean first.




Gorilla Kettlebell Clean Steps

  1. Stand over two kettlebells with a shoulder width, or slightly wider, stance.
  2. Safely pick the kettlebells up.
  3. Do a quarter squat.
  4. Explosively stand up and rip one of the kettlebells into the rack position.  Make sure to keep the kettlebell in front of you in a solid rack even as you get tired.
  5. Bring the racked kettlebell down between your legs and simultaneously do a quarter squat.  Control the arc of the kettlebell as it descends.
  6. Explode out of the quarter squat bringing the other kettlebell to rack positon.  When done well, the kettlebells will pass each other during the switch.
  7. Repeat for the desired repetitions on each side.



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