Find Out How Sarah Got Her AWESOME Back After Having a Baby!

Sarah Got Her AWESOME Back After Having a Baby!

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What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition?


Before joining SKB, my workouts consisted of jogging and planet fitness when I could make time to do so.  I would say that I maybe went to planet fitness a handful of times over the last year.  As a self-employed new mother, I have struggled to make time for exercising since my daughter was born.  I have really pretty much struggled in making time for myself in general since she was born!


My nutrition wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t that great either; I would usually grab a quick bite to eat in between caring for my daughter and working.  Therefore, I would tend to gravitate toward food/meals that were ‘quick and easy’ so I could save time.  I would typically buy what I thought was healthy, but I would say I wasn’t fully informed on what ‘healthy’ really was in regard to the food I was eating.  I definitely struggled to make time for eating/drinking water in my day, and would often have long stretches of time during the day where I wouldn’t eat or drink anything!  Life was just very much ‘on the go’ and I’m pretty sure I was in a dehydrated state most of the time.


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What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?


I don’t think that I had too many obstacles; because I work from home and am self-employed, I have the luxury to choose what hours of the day that I work.  I had to readjust my work schedule, as I would usually work at night, until anywhere between 2AM and 4AM, because that was when my little one was sleeping and I could get more work done.  I was hesitant in signing up for a 6AM class, mainly because I wasn’t getting enough sleep as it was!  However, after the first week of classes, I started to find that I was able to accomplish more of my workload in the morning after my SKB class while baby was sleeping.  I also noticed that my sleeping habits had become much more ‘regular’.  It may sound silly, but joining 6AM SKB classes really helped me to organize my day to day life!  Before joining, I didn’t realize how disorganized and inconsistent my day-to-day life really was.


My intentions in joining SKB were less about weight loss and more about firming up and toning my body.  I was looking to get back the body I had before pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood entered the picture.  I also knew that I needed guidance in regard to my eating habits and my daily intake of water.


What are your workouts and nutrition like now?


My workouts are much more consistent and well-rounded now.  Prior to joining SKB, my workouts consisted primarily of cardio and I had no real workout schedule, so they occurred infrequently and inconsistently.  Since joining SKB and finishing the 6 Week Transformation Challenge, I have adopted an actual schedule for my workouts!  I attend four SKB classes a week, where I get a well-rounded workout involving strength building and cardio!  I also utilize the elliptical machine for straight up cardio (I have a knee injury that is currently preventing me from jogging on the roads, so using an elliptical has been a wonderful substitute).  Having a workout routine through SKB has changed my day-to-day life and include, for me, more well-rounded and consistent workouts, better overall nutrition, better intake of water each day, feeling knowledgeable and confident in building meals plans and grocery lists, better sleeping habits, more consistent work schedule, and simply just feeling balanced in life overall!


I would say that the knowledge I gained from taking SKB’s nutrition class has been life-changing, as well as invaluable.  Throughout the program, I learned how poor my eating habits really were in regard to how often I was eating and drinking water, as well as what I was eating when I was eating.  I had never really thought about how my eating habits were affecting my metabolism, blood-sugar, etc. throughout the day.  I also never really looked at ingredients lists or nutrition facts, and if I did, I was somewhat ignorant to what I needed to be looking for.  You would think that someone who struggles to find time to eat consistently would lose weight and look great, right?  WRONG.  Since joining I have followed the guidelines for eating healthy that was outlined in the nutrition course and have been eating more food, more often, and have been LOSING weight!  It’s bananas…


I had said that I wanted to get back to having the body I had before pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood entered the picture; So far, the results I have seen have far exceeded my expectations.  Ultimately, I am in much better shape and am much healthier now than I was before pregnancy.


What specific results have you seen in yourself since joining?


I am really proud of the results I have seen J.  Since joining, I have lost 9lbs and have seen a 4% reduction in Body Fat, a 2% gain in muscle, a 1.5” loss around my waist, a 2” loss in my hips, and .5” loss around my bicep.

Aside from the measurements that have been taken from both the start and end of the 6 Week Challenge, I can say that I feel so much stronger and that I am much Happier with how my clothes fit!


Would you recommend Seacoast Kettlebell?




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