Descending Ladder Kettlebell Workout

Descending Ladder Kettlebell Workout 




Descending Ladder Kettlebell Workout Instructions

Grab a heavy kettlebell and crush this workout!  You will perform all of the exercises in a row and then “rest “with 1:00 of planks.  Each round will get easier as the repetition’s decrease.  You will perform five total sets of planks in between rounds.


Round 1

Snatches x 10 per side

Push Press x 10 per side

One Arm Row x 10 per side

Goblet Squats x 10

Plank Hold for 1:00

Round 2

Snatches x 8 per side

Push Press x 8 per side

One Arm Row x 8 per side

Goblet Squats x 8

Plank Hold for 1:00


All of the way down to Round 5

Snatches x 2 per side

Push Press x 2 per side

One Arm Row x 2 per side

Goblet Squats x 2

Plank Hold for 1:00



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