Barbell Exercise Snapshot: Bench Press

Barbell Exercise Snapshot: Bench Press

by Colin McGarty



Barbell Exercise Summary

The barbell bench press is the king of upper body exercises for many old school lifters! The bench press is one of the three powerlifts that powerlifters compete in. It is an excellent movement to develop your your chest, anterior deltoids, and triceps.


Barbell Exercise Steps

  1. Slide under the bar. Your eyes should be right underneath the bar.
  2. Grab the bar with a shoulder width grip, squeeze hard and flex your lats.
  3. Pull your shoulders down and back while lifting your chest.
  4. Maintain an arch in your lower back and drive your heels into the ground.
  5. Lower bar under control and lightly touch your sternum.
  6. Keep your elbows relatively close to your body
  7. Press the bar straight up.
  8. Repeat for desired repetitions


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