Al and Cathy Took Control of Their Nutrition!

Find Out How Al and Cathy Took Control of Their Nutrition and Got AWESOME!




About one month after joining SKB,  my wife and I signed up for Jenny RD’s Accountables class. Two years previously, we had cut starchy carbs (potatoes, French fries, pasta, & bread) and had lost weight and belly fat — but we really didn’t know what we were doing or how to maintain our weight loss.  

Accountables started with a food based cleanse week which was really tough, eliminating immediately all those “unhealthy” items in our diet.  At the end of cleanse week, we looked and felt better.

Next, as we added healthy items back into our diet, Jenn taught us about healthier eating, the ratios of protein to fats to carbs, dietary fiber and the glycemic index, and most importantly, how to properly read and understand a food label, and where to find the “good for you” items in the supermarket. 

Since completing this class, we now feel that Jenn has given us the tools and means to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


Cathy & Al Thompson



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