21 Day Spring Shred Starts June 18th!

Summer 21 Day Shred Starts June 18th!



 The Seacoast Kettlebell 21 Day Summer Shred Kicks off on June 18th!

Our 21 Day Summer Shred will help you build muscle, feel good and get AWESOME!


The Details:

Who: You! Summer is here!!!
What: Our AWESOME 21 Day Shred
When: Kick Off Meeting: June 16th at 10:00AM
Start: June 18th!

Finish: July 8th
Cost: A steal at $19 for Members or FREE if you bring in a non-member who joins the challenge!
Or just $69 for non-members!

Non-Members SIGN UP HERE!

In 21 Days You Will:

  • Look Better Naked
  • Reset Your Healthy Habits
  • Eat For Long Term Wellness
  • Feel Awesome
  • Improve Body Composition –Gain Strength


What to Expect:

  • A Weekly Nutrition Guide
  • State-of-the-art evaluations/testing to determine your current health + abilities
  • Customized workouts based on your body, age, fitness levels, injuries, and goals
  • Brand new workouts EVERY DAY to keep you interested and motivated
  • EXTREME accountability
  • Support from an awesome community


You Get:


  • Goal Setting Session and Injury Screen
  • State of the Art Measurements
  • Unlimited Team Training
  • Nutrition Guidance + Support
  • Accountability Check In’s
  • Unlimited Stay on Track Sessions
  • Customized Program Design
  • Sport Yoga


Non-Members SIGN UP HERE!

Cost: $19 for members or FREE if you bring a non-member in to join you! (Email Sara at skbintro@gmail.com).

$69 for non-members! SIGN UP HERE!